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You get my drift. Which brings us to the hydra-headed multi-faceted, standup comic, impressionist, actor, renaissance freak yes, freak genius, Craig Gass. His eclectic resume is scripted from two decades of working rooms, following leads, embarrassing and endearing strangers while building a modest and devoted fan base.

Craig began doing standup in by hitting the grueling, bumpy comedy circuit road and cultivating his craft in whatever crappy bar or club would have him. Shortly into the new millennium, shock radio kingpin, Howard Stern, took Craig under his massive, media wing.

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The Mt. Kevin James character hires Craig as the new delivery driver who keeps his fellow employees in bellyaching laughs. Craig owes this phenomenal gift to the force majeure of his birth and childhood environment. That unique upbringing held him in good stead as he tested his first audiences when he discovered the joys of being the class clown.

Craig is a living, breathing, mimicking product of pop culture and his career is an authentic, modern day grassroots destiny play. Know what he says to me?

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I am proud, ecstatic and terrified — but a good kind of terror. Craig spent several years in Seattle. I called a buddy and started crying on the phone. That night began a friendship that lasted until the day he died. George offered to help me with my career many times. But I wanted to learn from him not take advantage of his influence. He was my greatest mentor, a father figure who never stopped imparting wisdom on comedy, people and life. Craig Gass will make you laugh, weep, choke, recoil and most importantly, recognize that the faults, flaws and freaky behavior that we all posses, do not define us but rather, unite us.

Bill has 4 albums that have millions of streams across Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and reached number 1 on iTunes comedy charts.

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Orah, the Deathless Dancer: Third Thunder, Book I by Maharishi Sadasiva Isham

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