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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. The Hot SEALs Series (Standalone Navy SEAL Romance ALSO, he was in love before he joined the military with a girl back in Alabama, Ashley. They grew up together and she was his first and he hers.
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Matthew G. Axelson, Daniel R. Patton and Michael P. Murphy pose in Afghanistan on June 18, Ten days later, all but Luttrell would be killed by enemy forces while supporting Operating Red Wings, which also claimed the lives of Danny Dietz and 13 other Navy Seals. Navy via Getty Images.

Its official mission is developing new equipment and tactics for the general Navy SEAL organization, which also includes nine unclassified teams. Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, , Team Six and the rest of the Navy SEALs have found themselves playing a more active role than ever, ranging from the remote, mountainous regions of Afghanistan to war-torn cities such as Baghdad. The SEALs, including Team Six, carry out clandestine, high-impact operations that would be impossible for larger, conventional forces.

They also perform on-the-ground reconnaissance and intelligence gathering before planned attacks by those larger forces. Though traditionally SEALs were associated most with at least partially water-based missions, they are equally likely to carry out missions on land and in the air.

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Three successful operations in recent years pulled the SEALS, and Team Six in particular, out of the shadows and squarely into the global spotlight. Squad of SEALs performing woodland operation. By far the highest-profile Team Six operation—and the most famous special ops raid in history—was Operation Neptune Spear, which ended in the killing of Al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan in May It took less than 40 minutes. Repeated assaults, parachute jumps, rugged climbs and blasts from explosives have left many battered, physically and mentally. Roxanne and Chris met when she went into his jewelry store to pick out a necklace.

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An intriguing story with lots of twists and turns, as well as two characters who are unlike any others. Jana and Thaddeus have a fiery relationship.

But Thaddeus is used to being alone and prefers to stay that way. Jessyka is working at a bar and grill and hiding a secret from the world, and when she and Benny meet, they are both somewhat closed-off from the world.

But soon their relationship grows, and before you know it, Jessyka is helping Benny discover the best things in life. But when their relationship goes from fake to real, it causes both of them to consider what is important in their lives.

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Parker is a former Navy SEAL assigned to protect a woman who tore his heart to shreds many years earlier. Andromeda is a lawyer who is prosecuting a dangerous man, and Parker even takes a bullet for her while protecting her. Their next job will include finding a missing witness and fighting their attraction to one another, and they both feel that the former will be easier than the latter.

Before they are even aware of what is happening, their attraction turns serious, and they have to balance their desires with the danger and perils of the assignment itself.

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But will their feelings for one another make protecting her more difficult, and how can they balance everything so that she remains safe throughout the assignment? There he meets Sophia, who is running from her future and is on the ship anonymously. When the night is over, they both admit that they want more from the relationship, but when someone tries to destroy the ship and is unsuccessful, Mark feels that he has no choice but to get involved. Will their relationship survive what is going on outside their world, or is this the beginning of the end?

Major is trying to find himself, and all Sloan wants is to make it on her own. Not only is Sloan furious with all the noise that Major makes with his various sexual escapades, she also calls the cops on him when her car is keyed. That is, if he can fight off the attraction to her that has been brewing for a very long time.

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Mason and Regan invite people to their home for the Christmas holiday, but it is anything but peaceful. Jessalynn has been abducted by a cartel and forced to make a toxin or pay with her life. Her name is Gaby, and since they met Trick has been unable to sleep at all. Along the way, they encounter corruption, deceit, lying, and the ultimate greed.

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