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Store enough water (the right way).
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The Army released water on top of it flash flooding. Luckly, I had bug out bags ready. Turns out that the houses about a block below our house was getting flooded.

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The active creek is down there and it was flowing like a big river in the creek AND thru the street. The neighbors had to go save a couple that cut a hole thru their roof to get out. The corps of engineers investigated because of all the complaints and, of course, they said the Army did nothing wrong. The thing I find pretty sad about a lot of these prep sites is the thought that society falls apart once something like this happens, in my experience of natural disasters, these times are when humanity is at its best and everyone helps thier neighbours.

Good people become better people. But then I live in Australia, and have never been to America. We had a tornado in our area last year and the outpouring of help was amazing. We were a part of the cleanup and it was great to help and see so many people willing to give whatever it took to help complete strangers. Opportunistic looters and thugs come out to do what they do best, and if things are bad enough that society breaks down totally the normal people will go to extreme lengths to protect themselves and their families.

Imagine how it would be if there was no food, power, water, or some other society infrastructure that we all depend on every day. Imagine a father watching his children starve to death, and imagine what he would do if he found out that you had the only food available. They turn into animals that will cut your throat for a can of beans..

Many will devolve into uncivil behavior, all the more reason people need to be encouraged to work together. When a large cruise ship hits the iceberg, it is inevitable people are going to die. How many die depends on whether everyone panics and worries only about themselves or focuses on working with each other.

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Thats extremely naive thinking. Starve someone for a few days then see what theyd do for a can of beans. People riot after sports events for no reason, you think a stranger wouldnt kill you to feed their kids? Sure, people might band together for the 1st week, but once food and water start running out, its everyone for themselves. Where was aid and law enforcement during hurricane Katrina? No where to be found.

Easy Guide - Prepping for Beginners!

Aid took too long to arrive and most not all law enforcement took off to tend to their family. In some certain situations it could take years to get aid and if things get really bad in the world you may never get aid as everyone is on their own. They are screaming for aid and get very little.

You need to rely on nobody but yourself in a time of crisis. Bags will only get you so far. The best purchase anyone can make is a 5th wheel stockpile everything in it. Anything can happen the question is are you prepared for it?

72 Items That Will Disappear First When The SHTF

Humanity, during a time of crisis, splits into moral pieces. Those who care about others will, like you said, show their best…Then there is the other side, the selfish, there will be those that will walk by and leave someone in need or take from someone to benefit themselves. Survival instincts makes us think isolation is the safest way, but that is only short term, humans are a social creature and we work better and create things better in social groups. Humanity, as a whole, will overcome the SHTF event by coming together and working towards a common problem.

20 Steps: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Prepper

I think out of initial fear most will keep to themselves but eventually they will need to overcome their fears and regroup to bring back what was lost. S as they punch, grab, and push in hordes. Yes, good advice. OTC and prescription medicines will fly off the shelves. Get them first or stock up now mind the expiration dates. Pharmacys always go through all medications and discard the expired stuff there is stringent laws that have to be followed and they do.

How does one stock up on medications that are prescribed? If possible, buy you meds for 90 days instead of It will at least give you a starting point if you are lucky. Great advice Cecily. Especially if you cannot get to town often or just for the convenience.

The only thing you can really get is Fish amoxicillin which is the same as people amoxicillin is just that one is at the pharmacy and the other is at the Pet store no prescription needed. Several years ago I read a blog by a man who had lived through the Bosnian Conflict It may not be over. First thing he said is lose luxuries. Generators are luxuries but they run out of fuel.

How to Meal Prep: A Beginner’s Guide for Perfect Make-Ahead Meals

You will spend more time looking for fuel and spare parts or rumors of fuel and spare parts. In addition lights and noise attract unwanted attention. Try wiping your butt with some leaves for a few months. Yes rodents ants spiders etc, will be a problem. I also never see any type of plant seeds listed in case of severe problems that last longer than a few months.

Prepping for Beginners: Emergency Preparedness Checklist

There are no provisions for growing your own food. Bleach is fine for producing drinkable water but also Iodine Tablets. Lastly as the Sgt has said at times it you may have to leave home. But if you can stay home and learn who your neighbors are you will probably be safer. Running out of town for no reason where you do not know anybody can get you killed. Staying home and organizing your community will find you with a lot more resources and skill sets.

One last thing one of your biggest resources is Old People. They know how to do things. Are you living off of dry beans and rice right now? Could you if you had to? But would you want to? Dry beans and rice can be a pain to prepare and will get old real fast. Supplement dry foods like beans and rice with canned goods that you typically use and just rotate through your stock as you use.

Pick up a little extra of each thing you typically buy at the grocery store and set up a well organized system to use the oldest items and replace with new. I also suggest adding large bags of noodles and different sauces to your stockpile to add some variety. In addition to canned and dry foods I also recommend purchasing an emergency food supply kit.

They can be pretty pricey so only do this after you have a decent stockpile of long term dry goods. Even in warm weather locations it can get cold during the night. You want to make sure that you have an adequate and SAFE way to heat your home and stay warm. You want to have a way to heat your home without adding high levels of carbon monoxide, which will kill you.

The easiest place to start preparations for keeping warm is in the form of additional blankets and cold weather gear. You can survive some pretty severe cold weather with enough heavy blankets and the proper clothing. Additionally, you may want to consider adding a propane heater to your supply list.