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Dr. Steve Weinberg, founder of VETS, said it can feel nice and comfy to have your cat sleep on a bed with you — some literally on your.
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These products are also easy to wash.

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Your cat will be more inclined to play in and on its bed, rather that scratching up your furniture. It is recommended that you have a few beds around your home in the rooms your cat likes to rest. Cats are natural born hunters. If you watch a cat move and stalk, it is plain to see that they are really just scaled down versions of the big cats you see in documentaries or in the wild.

All cats, big and small, require safe, warm places to rest and relax. Warmth and safety is key for any cat, from lions to house cats, which is why it is common to find your cat under your bed, rather than on top of it. This is why it has become common for beds to also include a top cover — removable or permanent. Some cat owners also like to put a blanket on the bed. This allows their pet to take shelter with the blanket, while still keeping the warmth of the bed under its body. The exterior of a cat bed can be made from a variety of materials: cotton, plush, foam, wool, leather, latex, plastic or wicker.

Even if you spend time picking out a great bed for your cat, it may end up not using it as much as you would like. This could be for a number of reasons. Do keep in mind that these animals very tidy, and your cat will always want and need a clean bed. The great news is that most products available out there are machine washable. Cats are nocturnal and crepuscular animals, and tend to be most active at dusk and dawn.

This, however, is when you, its owner, are most likely to be resting. Conversely, when you are are your most active, your cat will likely be sleeping the day away. Even after properly feeding your cat, it will still instinctually want to hunt and explore at night, which is when it would do so in the wild, thanks to its night vision. Cats also like to lounge in the sun during the day to keep warm. Yes, especially during daytime when it will love enjoying the warmth of the sun. That being said, experts do recommend that your cat sleep inside at night, to remain protected from the cold.

There are waterproof beds on the market that are specially made to keep a cat warm if you decide to place the bed outside. Always make sure your cats are responding well to any changes or modifications you make to their routines. Additionally, if you do allow your cats outside, always make sure that you protect local wildlife. Fit your cat with a bell or other noise creation device so that native animals are warned there is an invasive predator about.

Cats kill billions of songbirds and many other small animals in the U. Cats are most active at dawn and dusk. Choosing that spot will be influenced by the overall size of the bed and the space it will take. You should also take into consideration which part of the house your cat most frequents and where it likes to lie down.

Cats like to change places depending on the time of the day, so you could also decide to have several beds to protect your chairs and sofas. Always keep in mind that a cat is not an animal you should bank on controlling and dictating rules to. They are not naturally social and gregarious animals like dogs, who are used to living in hierarchical groups and following orders. Cats set their own routines and keep to the same habits, so always have their beds in their favorite places around your home. Your cat can sleep with you if you want it, and if you see that it is comfortable.

Cats like their routines. When they are kittens they will likely want to be close to your face, and as they get older, will tend to move towards your feet. Many people like sleeping with their cats, even if cats tend to wake you up at night. This is especially the case early in the morning when a cat will try and get your attention in order for you to feed it.

Cats are creatures of habit. Studies have shown that that petting animals relieves stress and increases oxytocin production.

Making the decision

Some even say that people who have a cat at home are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Cats are very pleasant company, which helps avoid feeling lonely. The purr of a cat also results very relaxing for certain people.

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This helps them sleep, as our feline friends tend to get more cuddly at night when their owner is around. Your cat will love to feel the warmth of your body and spend time with you.

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Some experts believe that this strengthens the bonds of affection. If you have cat allergies or asthma, it is a good idea not to share a bed with your cat. It is also advised not to have a cat in the bed when you are sleeping with a young child. It might sleep too close to a baby, and it could hurt the infant by accident.

Light sleepers are likely to be kept awake by cats at night as well. It is important to mention that most pets can spread various diseases. While these are particularly isolated cases for cats, it is possible to get the following diseases via scratching: Chagas disease or the Bubonic plague.

The skin of felines produces a protein called Fel d1 that is responsible for causing allergies in people. It is recommended to frequently brush your pet, remove the carpets, clean your home often and avoid sleeping together. This last part may be difficult for some people. Also be aware that duvets, upholstery, sheets, and mattresses tend to attract allergens like pet dander. It is best, therefore, to avoid sharing these places with cats. Making sure your cat has its own bed will be better for you, and your pet.

Cats are well known for setting their own rules rather than abiding by the rules of others. That being said, you can educate them in doing certain things you want.

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Keep in mind that education should start the moment your cat arrives in your home. If they already have their routine, it will be very difficult to change those habits. While you can train your cat, it has to be within what it likes. Place it on the couch, close to it, or on a high surface. If you are a cat owner, you are going to need at least one cat bed, pure and simple. There are a wide range of products on the market, and you will need to find ones that both you and your cat will love. In the below section we have put together a list of the main shopping criteria to keep in mind when making your final decision:.

Buying a bed or mattress in which your cat fits perfectly is essential for its rest. The majority of products available are closed to provide a sense of security to your pet, which is why you need to make sure it can fit inside before making the purchase. Many beds out there are one-size-fits all.

You need to know this because most of them are made for medium-sized cats — which are the most common sized cats. If you have a longer, or an obese cat, you will need to make sure you get a bed that accommodates their body type. This is all the more true if the bed includes an enclosed area. The market offers a wide variety of cat beds.

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The external part of the bed is important to consider, as it will offer a more or less pleasant touch for your cat. It also in part determines in which places you can set the bed. The manufacturing materials commonly used are: cotton, plush, foam, wool, leather, latex, plastic or wicker.

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The material should be chosen according to the time of year. Wool and cotton, for instance, are the best for cold winter months, while felt and wicker make better bedding materials in hotter weather and climates. If you really want your feline friend to be happy with its own space, opt for a bed with the right padding that will make it soft and comfortable.