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He cites not only the recreational and environmental benefits of walking or riding the trails, but also says that rail-trails provide a much-needed transportation corridor.

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The trails are also generally accessible for all ages and abilities. Your best source for information is the RTC website, www. Two New England rail-trail guidebooks were recently published, and are available online, at selected bookstores nationwide and through the RTC website. The books feature maps, length and condition of each featured trail, directions to trailheads and endpoints, website links, and general descriptions of the routes.

Welcome to the Mt. Washington Auto Road - Mount Washington Auto Road, Gorham NH

In Massachusetts, there are currently 69 rail-trails, covering miles. A massive new project proposed by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, called the Landline, seeks to connect these trails, creating a 1,mile network of greenways and foot trails within the Boston region. For more information on the proposed project visit www. The There are also several natural areas to explore, including a nature path around the Arlington Reservoir, the Start at waterside Oakledge Park in Burlington, and head north, passing beaches and natural areas, with sweeping views of the lake and Adirondack Mountains.

The launch event kicked off at Capitol Hill in D. And once you reach Ohio, a third of the bike-only route remains incomplete. On it goes like that, for 3, miles. Only 1, miles of that can be negotiated on existing bike-only trails; the remaining 1, miles must be negotiated in mixed traffic. After a month assessment of route options using 34, miles of existing bike trails nationwide, RTC has identified the remaining 90 trail gaps to be filled. The complete GIS route for the trail is available on their website.

Connecting these trails could put an estimated 50 million Americans within 50 miles of the route. That will take a while: With the help of state and local planners as well as potential federal assistance, the group estimates that incremental completion could come within a couple decades. As the graphic below shows, some big Western states have a lot of work to do. The vision for a complete cross-country route was one of the founding dreams for the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, an organization hatched in to help convert former rail corridors into public trails for bikers, strollers, and other active transportation types.

Founders David Burwell and Peter Harnik were railroad history buffs, and a coast-to-coast backbone was always part their vision. Not coincidentally, this week marks the th anniversary of the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in One big incentive to fund the trail for state and local leaders along the route: economic development potential from tourism. Black Lake in Pittsburg has a 35 mph night time speed limit. Snowmobiles must be insured. Helmets required for everyone.

Top 10 Must-See Scenic Routes on a Trans-America Road Trip

Some roads and road shoulders are open to snowmobiles. All snowmobiles must be registered in New York. Snowmobiles must be insured with minimum liability on any state trail. Helmets are required for anyone under the age of 18 years. Roads and road shoulders are not open to snowmobiles, however road ditches are. Speed limits are the same as posted for that road if you are in a ditch.

Trail speed limits are safe and prudent. Roads are open to snowmobiles if decided by local authorities only. Same rule applies for riding road shoulders. Road ditches are not open.

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There is no posted speed limit. Speed limit as posted. No helmets required.

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  6. Trail permits are not required for out of state snowmobilers except on a few private trail systems. Any state that honors PA registration in their state will have its registration honored in PA. Liability insurance is mandatory for all snowmobiles. Helmets must be worn by everyone. Roads in the state are not open unless indicated they are joint use. They are mainly township roads in sparsely populated areas. Same rule applies to road shoulders. You may legally ride in ditches.

    Speed limits are what are posted for that road if it is a joint use road. Youths between the ages of 10 and 15 must have a safety course and must carry the completion certificate with them at all times. Liability Insurance is mandatory for all snowmobiles. Roads that open are only roads that have not been plowed. Can legally ride in ditches and shoulders, only if there are no ditches.

    Speed limits are the same as the posted road limit - outside of road rows, no speed limit. The Utah OHV laws exist to promote safety and protection for persons, property, and the environment involved with their use. The following is a summary of some of those laws and some other basic information. No person may operate or transport and no owner may give permission to operate or transport any OHV on public land unless the OHV has current registration. Registration stickers with base decals must be displayed on both sides of the snowmobile hood or pan.

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    Registration papers must be carried on the sled. A person under the age of 18 years must wear a properly fitted, safety-rated helmet whenever operating or a passenger on a snowmobile or OHV. Call to sign up. OHVs may not be operated on any street or highway not designated as open. Dealer registrations are valid only when demonstrating on OHV to a prospective purchaser and shall not be permanently attached to the vehicle. This user fee does not apply to nonresidents that have their snowmobile registered in their home state and that state does not charge Utah residents a nonresident license or pass fee also known as a reciprocity agreement.

    If a snowmobile has an aftermarket exhaust, that exhaust must meet the same requirements that the original manufacturers exhaust met and written certification of that must be carried in the snowmobile at all times. Proper head and face protection is required.

    Pacific Crest Trail: California, Oregon and Washington, 2,663 miles

    Roads are open to snowmobiles only when marked and signed as a designated trail. Speed must be within a reasonable and prudent manner with the exception of state lands where speed limits are posted at 35 MPH. Further information is available on the VAST website www. Trail permits are not required for out of state snowmobilers, however, a Sno-Park Permit may be needed to park in specific locations.

    Meet the "Big Daddy": Roadtripping US-20, the Longest Road

    Sno-Park permits may be obtained by calling Roads, road shoulders and ditches are not open to snowmobiles. No person under age 12 shall operate a snowmobile. Persons between must pass Snowmobile Safety Course to operate on any public road or highway.