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Der Berg Am Rande Des Himmels (German) Hardcover – (); Language: German; ISBN ; ISBN ; Package.
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Sie neigt sich zu ihm herab und lauscht. Sieglinde Erquickung schaff ich.

Sie nimmt schnell ein Trinkhorn und geht damit aus dem Haus. Labung biet' ich dem lechzenden Gaumen: Wasser, wie du gewollt! Siegmund Cooling relief the water has wrought, my weary load now is made light: refreshed is my heart, mine eyes are gladdened by blissful raptures of sight. Who is't that gladdens them so? Sieglinde This house and this wife call Hunding owner; stranger, take here thy rest: tarry till he return!

Siegmund Weaponless am I: a wounded guest will thy husband make welcome. Sieglinde with anxious haste Thy wounds now shew to me straight! Siegmund shakes himself and springs up quickly to a sitting position. Siegmund But slight are they, unworthy a word; still whole are my limbs and trustily knit. If but half so well as my arm shield and spear had availed me, ne'er from foe had I fled; but in splinters were spear and shield.

The horde of foe-men harried me sore, by storm and stress spent was my force; but quicker than I from foe-men fled my faintness from me: darkness had sunk on my lids; now laughs the sunlight anew. Sieglinde goes to the storeroom, fills a horn with mead, and offers it to Siegmund with friendly eagerness. Wer ist's, der so mir es labt? Siegmund Waffenlos bin ich: dem wunden Gast wird dein Gatte nicht wehren. Sieglinde mit besorgter Hast Die Wunden weise mir schnell! Sieglinde A quickening draught of honeyed mead may'st thou not scorn from me.

Siegmund Let it first touch thy lips? Sieglinde sips from the horn and gives it back. Siegmund takes a long draught, while his gaze rests on her with growing warmth. Still gazing, he removes the horn from his lips and lets it sink slowly while the expression of his features expresses strong emotion. He sighs deeply and gloomily lets his eyes sink to the ground. He starts up. Good rest I found here and sweet repose: onward wend I my way. He goes toward the back. Sieglinde turning quickly around Who pursues thee, that thou must fly?

Siegmund has stopped Ill-fate pursues me where'er I wander; Ill-fate o'ertakes me where'er I linger: to thee, wife, ne'er may it come! He goes hastily to the door and lifts the latch. Siegmund Schmecktest du mir ihn zu? Sieglinde nippt am Horne, und reicht es ihm wieder. Er bricht auf. Er geht nach hinten.

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Sieglinde in impetuous self-forgetfulness, calling to him Then bide thou here! Ill-fate thou canst not bring there, where ill-fate has made its home! Siegmund, deeply moved, remains standing, he looks searchingly at Sieglinde, who casts down her eyes in shame and sadness.

Siegmund returns. Siegmund Wehwalt called I myself: Hunding here then shall find me. He leans against the hearth: his eyes fix them- selves with calm and steady sympathy on Sieglinde: she slowly raises her eyes again to his; they regard each other, during a long silence, with an expression of the deepest emotion. Sieglinde in heftigem Selbstvergessen ihm nachrufend So bleibe hier! Nicht bringst du Unheil dahin, wo Unheil im Hause wohnt!

Er lehnt sich an den Herd: sein Blick haftet mit ruhiger und entschlossener Theilnahme an Sieglinde: diese hebt langsam das Auge wieder zu ihm auf; Beide blicken sich, in langem Schweigen, mit dem Ausdruck tiefster Ergriffenheit, in die Augen. Scene Two Sieglinde starts, listens, and hears Hunding, who is leading his horse to the stable outside. She goes quickly to the door and opens it.

Hunding, armed with shield and spear, enters and pauses at the threshold on perceiving Siegmund. Hunding turns to Sieglinde with a look of stern enquiry. Sieglinde answering Hunding's look Faint, this man lay on our hearth: need drove him to us. Hunding Hast tended him? Sieglinde A draught I gave to him, welcomed him as guest! Siegmund firmly and quietly watching Hunding Rest and drink offered she: wouldst therefore chide the woman? Hunding Sacred is my hearth: sacred hold thou my house.

He takes off his armor, and gives it to Sieglinde. Sieglinde hangs the arms on the branches of the ash tree, fetches food and drink from the storeroom, and prepares supper.

Irgendwo am Rand des Himmels

Involuntarily she again turns her gaze on Siegmund. Hunding looks keenly and with surprise at Siegmund's features, which he compares with Sieglinde's.

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The serpent's deceit glistens, too, in his glances. He hides his surprise and turns unconcernedly to Siegmund. Far, I trow, led thee thy way; no horse rode he who here found rest: what rugged paths have wearied thy feet? Hunding wendet sich mit einem ernst fragenden Blick an Sieglinde. Hunding Du labtest ihn? Sieglinde Den Gaumen letzt' ich ihm; gastlich sorgt' ich sein! Siegmund der ruhig und fest Hunding beobachtet Dach und Trank dank' ich ihr: willst du dein Weib drum schelten?

Hunding Heilig ist mein Herd: heilig sei dir mein Haus! Er birgt sein Befremden, und wendet sich wie unbefangen zu Siegmund. Weit her, traun! Siegmund Through brake and forest, meadow and moor, storm has pursued and sorest need: I know not the way I have come. Whither it led me, also I know not: fain would I learn it from thee. Hunding at the table, offering Siegmund a seat The roof and room that shelter thee, Hunding calls his own; wendest thou hence to the west thy way, in homesteads rich findest thou kinsmen who guard the honor of Hunding: guest, now grant me a grace, and thy name make known in return.

Siegmund, who has taken his place at the table, gazes thoughtfully before him.

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Sieglinde has placed herself next to Hunding, opposite to Siegmund, on whom she fastens her eyes with visible sympathy and intentness. Sieglinde unembarrassed and interested Guest, who thou art I would know. Siegmund looks up, gazes into her eyes and begins gravely. Wolfe, I called my father: alone was I not born; for a sister twinned with me.

Soon lost were both mother and maid; her who me bore, her who with me was born, scarce have I ever beheld. Warlike and strong was Wolfe, and foes full many he found.

A-hunting oft went the son with the father; once, worn from the chase, we came to our home, there lay the wolf's nest waste. Siegmund, der sich am Tische niedergesetzt, blickt nachdenklich vor sich hin. Siegmund blickt auf, sieht ihr in das Auge, und beginnt ernst. Wolfe, der war mein Vater; zu zwei kam ich zur Welt, eine Zwillings Schwester und ich. Wehrlich und stark war Wolfe; der Feinde wuchsen ihm viel.

Zu Schutt gebrannt der prangende Saal, to dust the oak tree's branching stem; struck dead was the mother's valorous form, and lost in the ruins the sister's trace: the Neidings' cruel host had dealt us this deadly blow.

Meaning of "Randfeuer" in the German dictionary

Unfriended fled my father with me; many years the stripling lived on with Wolfe in woodlands wild: oft beset were we by our foes; but bravely battled the Wolf-pair still. Hunding Marvels and monstrous stories tellest thou, daring guest, Wehwalt the Wolfing! Sieglinde Yet further tell us, stranger: where roams thy father now? Siegmund A fiery onset on us then did the Neidings begin: but slain by the wolves fell many a hunter, in flight through the woods, chased by their game, like chaff were scattered the foes.

But torn from my father was I; his trace I saw not though long was my seeking: in the woods a wolfskin found I alone; there, empty it lay; my father found I not. From the woods driven afar; my heart longed for men and for women. Amongst all folk, where'er I fared, if friend or wife I sought to win, still was I ever mistrusted: ill-fate lay on me.

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Whate'er right thing I wrought, others counted it ill; what seemed evil to me, others greeted as good. In feuds I fell wherever I dwelt, wrath met me wherever I fared; striving for gladness, woe was my lot: my name then be Wehwalt ever; for woe still waits on my steps. He turns his eyes to Sieglinde and notes her sympathetic look.

Er sieht zu Sieglinde auf und gewahrt ihren theil- nehmenden Blick.