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If you can handle it. While often viewed as a sword and sandal epic, Gladiator is a pure revenge flick at its core. Consumed by rage, Maximus Decimus Meridius is determined to avenge his murdered family. Stripped of his rank as a Roman General and reduced in status to that of a slave, Maximus becomes a champion Gladiator and cuts a bloody swathe through all that stand in his way. While the historical inaccuracies are almost as famous as the film itself, Gladiator is more than the summer blockbuster it was intended to be.

Upon finally achieving his vengeance, he, for the first time, finds some peace as he is welcomed to the afterlife by his family. A fitting swan-song for the late Oliver Reed and a fine performance from the late Richard Harris add some gravitas to the film. The equally haunting and exciting soundtrack from Hans Zimmer round out the movie and make it a true epic.

Based on the Marvel comic book of the same name, The Punisher featuring Thomas Jane is a surprising vengeance flick. While gritty comic book adaptations are nothing new, The Punisher sets itself apart by positioning itself as pure revenge porn.

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Frank Castle Tom Jane is a former special forces soldier and current agent of the FBI, living a content life with his family. When his entire family is slaughtered at a family party, he is left with nothing. Using the counterintelligence skills he has amassed over his life, and embracing his mission wholeheartedly, Frank takes apart the mobsters from the bottom up until he finally kills them all. While not necessarily a classic of the comic book genre or the revenge flick genre, The Punisher is worth watching if you are a fan of either.

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It blends together the cinematic stylings of both genres to good, if not amazing, effect. As an honorable mention: the follow-up starring Ray Stevenson is a worthy successor to this movie and in many ways it's arguably superior. Richard Paddy Considine is so ordinary that his tour-de-force of vengeance is the stuff of nightmares. If major awards were given to movies of this type, Paddy Considine would surely have earned an Oscar nomination for this movie.

Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo is a stylish, yet simplified telling of the classic story. Two friends, both sailors, cross paths with the exiled Napoleon Bonaparte on Elba Island. One, Dante Jim Cavieziel , is hailed as a hero but later falls foul of politics and is imprisoned unfairly in a castle for 13 years. While there, he befriends a former soldier and priest who teaches him many things, including how to be a gentleman, and sword fighting, things his simple upbringing as a commoner would not allow him to have learned previously.

He also learns the secret location of a vast treasure. Upon his release from the castle, and assuming the title of Count of Monte Cristo, Dante seeks both vengeance on those that wronged him, and restitution of his reputation. The plot is brutal, even for this type of film, a gang of wanderers rape and brutalize some teens and leave them for dead. They end up seeking shelter in a house, which happens to be the home of the parents of the teens. Despite an uneven tone at times, Wes Craven manages to craft a brutal rape-revenge flick whilst also employing some art-house elements.

The juxtaposition of the mean streets of the city and the calm and quiet home imply an otherworldly invasion which only adds to the tension. Sleepers is typically considered to be a legal crime drama rather than a straight up revenge flick, as the focus of the movie is the legal case of two men accused of killing a man who abused them as children. However, the flashbacks to the boys time at a correction facility, and their subsequent sexual abuses, prove that this is a revenge tale, as the two of them murder one of the guards after a chance encounter when they are adults.

Intending to botch the conviction from the outset, he enlists the help of another friend and a local priest to expose the pedophile guards and free his friends as well. The guards that brutalized them are all exposed or dead by the movies end, and the DA quits his job to become a carpenter. A success at the box office, John Wick was seen as a return to form for Keanu Reeves and one of his best performances. Kevin Costner is at a career best as an ex-aviator who cannot resist the young wife Madeline Stowe of his old friend Anthony Quinn.

What follows is a revenge flick with so many twists and turns that it leaves audiences befuddled after a single viewing. After building up slowly, the movie explodes into action around the minute mark and never really relents. While firmly tongue in cheek at times, Taken is faced-paced and kinetic and has some of the most memorable action scenes in recent cinema history. I don't know what you want.

If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.

If you let my daughter go now that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you. While largely famous for the accidental on-set death of Brandon Lee, The Crow is a stylish neo-noir thriller that is deserving of its place as a cult favorite on its own merits.

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While more famous for his death, his performance is intense and should not be underrated. His loss is still felt by fans of the film, and quite rightly so. Memento is a psychologically driven revenge movie and is presented as two different sequences of scenes: a series in black-and-white that is shown chronologically, and a series of color sequences shown in reverse order.

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This serves to simulate the mental state of Leonard Guy Pearce who suffers from short-term amnesia, meaning he can't remember more than a few minutes at a time. While much of the central plot is unclear until the final moments, there is the option to watch the movie in chronological order on most DVD and Blu-Ray releases, which can make the whole movie make more sense from a narrative standpoint.

Influencing many modern revenge movies, The Outlaw Josey Wales is a raw and bloody movie set during the post-Civil War period. Starring and directed by Clint Eastwood, Josey Wales is a simple farmer torn away from his simple life and thrown into the American Civil War. Left with nothing but his rage, Josey Wales teams up with another gang, tracking the same men, and kills anyone who gets in his way. His reputation growing, due to a scene where he kills an army of men with a Gatling gun, bounties are placed on his head and he finds it harder to find safe harbor.

He finds peace with a group of wagon train pioneers and makes peace with local Native Americans, but his past catches up with him in typically bloody fashion.

True Grit is a western revenge movie from the Coen Brothers. As expected from a Coen Brothers film, it does have some idiosyncrasies, but is surprisingly straight-laced, such is their respect for the source material. Despite her seeming lack of emotions, the movie is at times funny and insightful, as well as tense and violent. The Still Twisted stories aired as stand alone episodes when the show briefly returned to Australian television in early From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Categories : Australian anthology television series Australian drama television series Nine Network shows Australian television series debuts Australian television series endings s Australian television series. Namespaces Article Talk. The worst is yet to come. January - June American troops land in North Africa and test themselves for the first time against the German and Italian armies, learning to set aside the notion that killing is a sin and adopting the more professional outlook that killing is a craft.

Back home, cities become booming 'war towns' overnight as nearly all manufacturing is converted to the war effort, and thousands of women become industrial workers. This series tells the story of the Second World War through the personal accounts of a handful of men and women from four quintessentially American towns. The film honours the bravery, endurance and sacrifice of the generation of Americans who lived through what will always be known simply as The War. Archaeologists in Chesham, Buckinghamshire believe they've found the remains of a medieval building under the manicured lawns of a Georgian house.

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The fort has fine mosaics and preserved rooms, but the team have just three days to find out everything they can about the vicus the civilian settlement around the fort , vital for the smooth running of the military machine and providing for the pleasures of the men garrisoned there; however, they soon discover something even more exciting during the dig, a series of military mausoleums, the first discovery of its kind for over years.

They also discover the remains of food eaten by the descendants of the dead during ritual meals. In July , amateur metal detectorist Terry Herbert found an Anglo-Saxon treasure hoard worth over 3 million pounds in a Staffordshire field. Now, with the initial phase of the post-excavation process nearing completion, archaeologists are beginning to unlock the secrets of the hoard.

After further digging and carefully unpicking the jumble of finds, experts from Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent Museums have realised there were over objects buried in this small area with the gold alone weighing 5kg. The gold itself was analysed by scientists at the British Museum, where a technique known as 'X-ray fluorescence' revealed it to be equivalent to 18 carats. The information the museum experts have extracted is changing our understanding of the so-called Dark Ages. The evidence points to the existence of a large and wealthy elite warrior class, and reveals the remarkable skills of the Anglo-Saxon craftsmen who made these intricate treasures 13 centuries ago.

Throughout history, speed becomes a decisive feature of warfare.

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In spectacular experiments a team of international experts presents the most significant weapons of history where speed made a difference. The chariot brings mobility to the battles of the ancient world. Small handguns as Samuel Colt's revolver launch a new era of war. And the weapon considered as the one symbol for asymmetric warfare is the sling. In the third episode of this landmark series charting the story of human civilisation, Andrew Marr plunges into the spiritual revolutions that shook the world between BC and AD.

This was an age that saw the bloody prince Ashoka turn to Buddhism in India; the ill-fated union of Julius Caesar and Egypt's Cleopatra; the unstoppable rise of Christianity across the Roman Empire and the dramatic spread of Islam from Spain to Central Asia. Each dramatic story pits the might of kings and rulers against the power of faith. But Andrew Marr discovers that the most potent human force on the planet came from the combination of faith and military power. Both Christianity and Islam created new empires of "the word and the sword".